Heidi Green

Educator, Speaker, Writer, Activist.

Key Words: Peacebuilding, Youth Advocacy, Youth Development, Conflict Resolution, Equality, Empathy.

Through currently teaching at a school for students with dyslexia, and previously working as an educational specialist, providing academic advising to college students with disabilities, I have developed an ardent interest in promoting rights for students with different learning needs. Nonetheless, more pronounced is my passion for promoting global competency, and quality education for underprivileged youth.

I write innovative curriculum for a class titled “Global Studies Through Conflict Resolution.” Peacebuiling is a main theme. I am extremely passionate about showing students the purpose of learning about world affairs, diplomacy, and mediation skills.

I’ve recently begun a youth-led organization, Aloha Global Youth, to promote educational rights for children. We’ve designed educational materials and assisted teaching pre-school to homeless children in Hawaii. In addition, we’ve worked to spread our message and gather donations to make educational and survival backpack kits to be delivered to orphans in Syria, as well as to homeless children in Hawaii.

I have worked with youth in Northern Ireland and in Bosnia and Herzegovina to bring together segregated youth in post-conflict areas to promote cultural understanding, gender equality, and to teach anti-discrimination. I have written about teaching conflict resolution, promoting gender equality, and using sport as a tool for youth development. My articles have been featured by the news sites TransConflict, and the International Political Forum, as well as other prominent blogs.

I have worked diligently to accomplish these achievements to share ideas, and teach youth, because I have personally witnessed how education allows youth to rise from challenges to improve their lives and their communities. Youth are impressionable and yearn to acquire information that will help them progress and comprehensively understand their world. Education is a tool for peace. Investing in our youth will harvest a brighter future.

In graduate school I plan to research how youth are targeted to join extremist groups. I want to start initiatives that focus on educational programs for underprivileged youth who are susceptible to engaging in violence, substance abuse, gangs, or extremist groups. My main goal is to improve education by incorporating anti-discrimination, gender-equality, and cultural understanding and empathy into learning to foster global citizens to lead our future.

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